I met Diana and Maria at a conference and was amazed at the idea behind their product. But, when I got the product in my hands, I really understood its TRUE value. I have found that the bags definitely keep food fresher longer - especially leafy veggies. I travel a LOT and am "saying no" to both airplane and airport food; so I use my EcoZips to carry lettuce leaves, raw veggies and a small amount of healthy dip (in the small pouch). It works like a charm even on extended flights with layovers.

I recently switched to eco-friendly powered laundry detergent and it comes in a big bag so I use the top part of my EcoZip to hold the power detergent and I stuff dryer sheets into the small compartment.

If there's a use for EcoZip, I find it! It gets me through the airports with all the "clear plastic bag - 3 ounces" stuff and I never have to worry. One time a TSA agent asked me where I got the bags! I put my makeup in the top and cotton swabs, cotton balls and makeup sponges in the bottom. Stuff is not all over my suitcase when I arrive!

All of these uses and I'm being kind to the planet. It doesn't get any better than that! I hate to sound corny, but thanks EcoZip!

--Lena L. West, CEO, xynoMedia


I had the snack/sandwich size bags.  Sometimes I don't make my whole sandwich in the morning I usually put it together right before I eat it.  So I had the bread with my turkey and cheese in the big pouch and then my lettuce in the snack part so it didn't get soggy. 
I think they work well and I did wash it out to use again the next day and you can do that because the quality is good.  I usually use at least 3 separate bags when I pack my lunch but with the 2 in one, I was able to save a bag or 2. 

Mia  Dutton
Product Manager


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